Thursday, September 23, 2010

What is YOUR State Gem stone??

Did you know that Thirty-five of the 50 states have designated an official state gem. (Montana and Nevada have named both a precious and semiprecious gemstone.) A gemstone is not necessarily a sparkling crystal—the majority of state gemstones are not crystalline minerals, but colorful rocks that look their best as flat, polished cabochons, perhaps in a bolo tie or belt buckle.
Have you ever wondered what your State Gem stone is? Well, here is a fun list that just might help you!
Alabama: Star blue quartz

Alaska: Jade

Arizona: Turquoise

Arkansas: Diamond

California: Benitoite

...Colorado: Aquamarine

Florida: Moonstone

Georgia: Quartz

Hawaii: Black coral

Idaho: Star garnet

Kentucky: Freshwater pearl

Louisiana: Agate

Maine: Tourmaline

Maryland: Agate

Massachusetts: Rhodonite

Michigan: Chlorastrolite

Minnesota: Agate

Montana: Sapphire and Agate

Nebraska: Blue agate

Nevada: Turquoise and Fire opal

New Hampshire: Smoky quartz

New Mexico: Turquoise

New York: Almandine garnet

North Carolina: Emerald

Ohio: Flint

Oregon: Sunstone

South Carolina: Amethyst

South Dakota: Agate

Tennessee: Freshwater pearls

Texas: Topaz

Utah: Topaz

Vermont: Grossular garnet

Washington: Petrified wood

West Virginia: Fossil coral Lithostrotionella

Wyoming: Nephrite jade

Did you also know that there are certain stones designated for Wedding anniversaries? I found a list for those as well!


1st Anniversary - Gold Jewelry

Alternate: Peridot

2nd Anniversary - Garnet

3rd Anniversary - Pearls

...Alternate: Jade

4th Anniversary - Blue Topaz

Alternate: Blue Zircon

5th Anniversary - Sapphire

Alternate: Pink Tourmaline

6th Anniversary - Amethyst

Alternate: Turquoise

7th Anniversary - Onyx

Alternates: Yellow Sapphire, Golden Beryl

8th Anniversary - Tourmaline

Alternate: Tanzanite

9th Anniversary - Lapis Lazuli

Alternates: Amethyst, Green Spinel

10th Anniversary - Diamond Jewelry

Alternate:Blue Sapphire

11th Anniversary - Turquoise

Alternates: Citrine, Yellow Zircon

12th Anniversary - Jade

Alternate: Opal

13th Anniversary - Citrine

Alternates: Moonstone, Hawk's Eye

14th Anniversary - Opal

Alternates: Agate, Bloodstone

15th Anniversary - Ruby

Alternates: Rhodolite Garnet, Alexandrite

16th Anniversary - Peridot (evening emerald)

Alternate: Red Spinel

17th Anniversary - Watches

Alternate: Carnelian

18th Anniversary - Cat's Eye or Chrysoberyl


19th Anniversary - Aquamarine

Alternate:Almandine Garnet

20th Anniversary - Emerald

Alternate: Yellow or Golden Diamond

21st Anniversary - Iolite

22nd Anniversary - Spinel

23rd Anniversary - Imperial Topaz

24th Anniversary - Tanzanite

25th Anniversary - Silver Jubilee

Alternates: Tsavorite , Green Garnet

30th Anniversary - Pearl Jubilee

35th Anniversary - Emerald

40th Anniversary - Ruby

45th Anniversary - Sapphire

Alternate: Cat's Eye

50th Anniversary - Golden Jubilee

Alternate: Imperial or Golden Topaz

55th Anniversary - Alexandrite

60th Anniversary - Diamond Jubilee

Alternate: Star Ruby

65th Anniversary - Blue Spinel

70th Anniversary - Sapphire Jubilee

Alternate: Smoky Quartz

75th Anniversary - Diamond Jubilee

80th Anniversary - Ruby Jubilee

So...the next time you are wondering what to get her for your Anniversary, you'll know there are many choices, but gem stone jewelry is sure to be a winner!!