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Gemstone Jewelry

Gemstone Jewelry

Author: Fille

Rose Quartz: The Gemstone Jewelry of LoveRose quartz has long been known to inspire love in all its forms, from self-respect and compassion to platonic and romantic love. Recognized as ' The Love Stone ', rose quartz can help those who are looking for true love, those mending troubled relationships and those improving their love life - an uplifting choice for anyone this February 14!Associated with Venus, the planet of love, rose quartz is a natural choice of crystal to use for inspiring romance. Wearing a rose quartz pendant helps open the hearts of those who are looking for 'the one', while those in need of a stronger bond in their relationship should opt for a delicate rose quartz ring.With its intense pink color, Fille Lilly's gemstone jewelry really stands out. Just take a look at our exceptional collection of premium grade pieces. Each piece is only of the best quality; and since they have almost no inclusions, they are difficult to damage and will last for lifetimes - a premium gift to give!Rose quartz is also an excellent stone for those who have trouble loving themselves. Experts say it heals emotional pain, mostly from loss or self-esteem. As a sweet reminder of your personal love, choose to give a unique piece of rose quartz heart gemstone jewelry - perfectly shaped for Valentine's Day!Rose quartz has been used in gemstone jewelry for centuries and makes for an ideal gift for a loved one, or even yourself! Plus, it's a stunning choice to complement the upcoming spring pastels. Choose one today.

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About the AuthorFillelilly is an online Gemstone Jewelry store.We carry more than 50 diffrent stones and all are stones are studded in sterling silver .All our designs are unique and one of a kind.

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Gemstones...Rivals to the Diamond

Gemstones – Emerging Rivals Of Diamonds

Author: Vibha Raj

While "Diamonds are forever" is a relatively new marketing punch line created by a diamond company, colored gemstones have actually been parts of human civilization since forever. There have been traces of gemstone usage from early human history with mention of gemstones in the holy Bible also. The emperors and royals of ancient ages had special affiliation to colored gemstones. Ancient cultures across the world sanctified colored gemstones and associated different beliefs and mysticism to gemstones. Recently colored gemstones have made a dramatic comeback with colored gemstones like ruby, emerald, sapphire, aquamarine, tanzanite, amethyst and many more dominating the runways, fashion circles, red carpet and of course our jewelry boxes. Here are a few reasons why colored gemstones score over diamonds. Cost The most defining characteristic that makes colored gems score over diamonds is the cost. In the cost of one diamond ring (I carat diamond) one can have around 7-8 gemstone rings with good quality gemstones in at least 6x4 sizes. So one can own a lot of gemstone jewelry in place of counted pieces of diamond jewelry. Bigger jewelry like bracelets makes much more sense in gemstones than in diamonds for the obvious cost benefit. Designs and styles Jewelry in colored gemstones has more fun and character. With the wide variety of colors and hues available, there are a whole lot of designs to choose from. Colored gemstones can be perfect accessories for all occasions from casual wear to sophisticated party wear to every day office wear. Colored gemstones can be combined in different colors to compliment multi-colored dresses. Variety Gemstones have a wide range of colors, styles and costs you could choose from to suit your preference. Even if you are looking for a gemstone of a particular kind, you still have a sea of choices in terms of color and quality available. You could also look for specialty gemstones like the star gems, cats eye species etc. With colored gemstones you can be never run out of options when ever you feel like dressing up differently. Exotic mysticism Gemstones have been associated to the occult since ancient times. In olden days gemstones were used as talismans to ward off evil and attract good luck. There is a different belief associated to each gem like sapphire is associated to purity in love; aquamarine is associated to happy marriage, emerald to verdure, amethyst to disciplined habits and so on. Gemstones are also believed to provide healing power.

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About the AuthorI am a jewelry enthusiast, working with a well known online e-trailing jewelry company. Writing has always been the area of my interest and writing for jewelry doubles my zeal towards this creative field.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Significance of Colour!

Gemstones, the Significance of Colour

Author: Helen Quenet

Our response to colour is actually much more complex than most people realise. It's a mixture of instinct, cultural conditioning and the result of personal experiences and associations. We can see instinctive responses in nature, warning colours like red, orange and acid green are associated with being poisonous and animals have evolved to avoid those colours (as other animals have evolved to mimic those warning colours as self-protection. Associations of colours naturally come from our environment too, the blue of the sky, the gold of the sun, the green of grass, the red of blood and orange of fire, all produce memories and emotions. However, the memories and emotions about fire colours for example would be very different for someone who associates them with a log fire on an winter evening and someone who has had the isfortune to be caught in a house or car fire. Often negative memories mean a "gut response" to a colour; the person might not even be aware on a conscious level why they just "don't like" a colour. These individual responses are one of the reasons why you should wear colours and jewellery that you are drawn to, rather than wearing things that you are "told" are right for you. You can't feel confident and relaxed in clothes that you don't feel comfortable in.

One of the biggest cultural differences in the symbolism of colour is with black and white. In the West white is the colour of purity, innocence and marriage, in the Eastern traditions white is the colour of mourning and grief, while black is the colour of funerals and death in the West.

The power of colour to enhance or detract from our appearance is very marked, if you have ever experienced having a personal colour analysis session you can't have failed to be amazed how with some colours draped round your neck you look old, wan and even lopsided! Yet with others, you look younger, prettier and more vibrant. Basically, what colour analysis does is to examine your natural skin tone and classify it as "cool" fair complexion with a cool bluey undertone or "warm" where your skin tones are peachy to golden yellow. This dual classification is then subdivided once more according to how intense your other colouring (eyes/hair) is. Of the two cool skin tones the darker colouring is termed "Winter", she has dark, black or steel grey hair and looks best in clear, bright, true primary colours. The "Summer" person has ash blonde to mid brown hair, they look best in clear cool, subtle shades. The two warm skin tone classifications are "Spring" and Autumn". Autumn people have dark brown hair with reddish lights, they look best in warm, earth like tones which work with the natural glow of the skin. Spring people have lighter hair, normally blonde or red and look best in the lighter, warm colours. Although this may seem a very prescriptive way to choose outfits it doesn't in fact mean you can't wear any colours, it's just the shades you need to be careful of.

I'm going now to look at the colours of gemstones and detail some of the associations with stones of particular colours.

Blue Gemstones

Blue Agate, Lapis Lazuli, Tanzanite, Sapphire, Topaz, Chalcedony, Iolite, Sodalite, Azurite, Blue Tourmaline, Spinel, Aquamarine, Blue Goldstone and Blue Moonstone are all blue stones.

Blue is said to induce calm, peace, creativity and serenity in the wearer. It is also linked to clarity of mental thought, inspiration and helps with meditation.

Yellow Gemstones

Amber, Citrine, Carnelian, Sapphire, Garnet, Tigers Eye, Topaz, Beryl, Jasper and Tourmaline all have yellow forms.

Yellow stones are said to draw attention to the wearer and build self esteem and confidence. Like the sun they illuminate, warm and cheer the wearer.

Orange Gemstones

Coral, Chalcedony, Zircon, Citrine, Sardonyx, Sapphire, Garnet, Fire Opal, Amber, Sunstone, Carnelian, Topaz, and Agate all have orange forms.

As with yellow stones, the flamboyance of orange draws attention to the wearer, it is linked with creativity, energy and sexual ttractiveness. It's a "notice me"! "Pay attention" colour to wear.

Red Gemstones

Garnet, Ruby, Poppy Jasper, Sponge Coral, Sapphire, Red Jasper, Beryl, Tourmaline, Alexandrite and Spinel all have red forms.

Red is associated with excitement, energy and passion. It's bold, fiery and linked with courage. A red gemstone is probably the most popular choice for jewellery because of it's boldness and eye catching quality (red and orange are the colours that we see first at a distance).

Green Gemstones

Tsavorite Garnet, Opal, Sapphire, Malachite, Serpentine, Jade, Peridot, Gaspeite, Tourmaline, Emerald, Jadeite, Jasper, Zircon, Beryl, Adventurine,Topaz and Alexandrite all have Green forms.

Green because of its vegetative associations is linked with fertility and wealth, it is also said to the be most relaxing colour of all to look at and hence to be soothing and calming to wear.


Flourite, Amethyst, Charoite, Suglite, Jasper, Tanzanite, Garnet, Sapphire, Topaz, Agate, Chalcedony, Tourmaline and Spinel all have purple/violet forms.

Purple has been associated for centuries with royalty, power and wealth, more recently it has been liked with spirituality, creativity and insight.


Onyx, Agate, Snowflake Obsidian, Jet, Black Spinel, Black Pearl, Haematite.

Black or the absence of colour/light has many symbolisms, the colour of mourning and grief, the colour of high fashion and chic, sexy dressing. In jewellery, black stones are said to protect the emotions of the wearer from being displayed, allowing the wearer to remain mysterious.

Aqua/Turquoise Stones

Aquamarine, Topaz, Turquoise, Amazonite, Opal, Tourmaline, Apatite.

The colour of water or of the sea these stones are loved for their associations with the coolness and cleanliness of pure water. Blue/green stones are said to promote feelings of tranquility and help with meditation as well as inspiring creativity in the wearer.


Beryl, Kunzite, Sapphire, Rubellite Garnet, Pink Jasper, Tourmaline, Rose Quartz, Topaz, Pink Pearls, Strawberry Quartz, Champagne Quartz.

Pink has many of the same qualities as red, only as you would expect, they are gentler and more muted. Said to help with feelings of anger and isolation. Pink represents friendship, love and trust.

White/Clear Stones

Diamond, Sapphire, Opal, Moonstone, Topaz, Pearls, Beryl, Zircon

White and clear stones represent purity and truth and are often used as protective stones. Associated with the moon and femininity they are often given to celebrate loving landmarks in peoples lives such as engagements, weddings and anniversaries.

Brown Stones

Amber, Agate, Smoky Quartz, Topaz, Sapphire, Diamond, Tourmaline, Zircon

Brown is the colour of the earth and the simple truths in life. Brown stones are said to promote wisdom, health, gravitas and stability in the wearer.

To summarise then, colour is a very powerful tool to use in projecting yourself to other people. It is also helpful in creating a desired mood or feeling through its personal assocations. Use it with care!!

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About the AuthorAbout Author:

Helen Quenet is a jewellery designer and silversmith working in the UK. She runs two websites and

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Gemstone Pricing Factors

Gemstone Jewelry Pricing Factors - Gemstone, Design, And Craftsmanship

Author: Gen Wright

When it comes to pricing gemstone jewelry, the main factors that are looked into relate to the stone itself rather than the findings. Gemstones are priced using the very specific guide which is famously called the 'Four Cs'. The four factors, namely, colour, clarity, cut and carat, the most important of these being the color. Even though there are basic colors that we all know of such as sapphires being blue, rubies are red and emeralds are green, there are many gemstones that are very alike in color and it is important to make the correct distinction between them before pricing so that the correct value is being upheld. The general belief is that the brighter and more vibrant the color, the more expensive the stone. Clarity is the second most important factor that will need to be assessed is the clarity of the stone used in the piece of jewelry. The number of flaws and the clearness of the stone will affect the value placed on the jewelry, as the more clear and transparent the stone, the more value is attached to it. As well as just having an aesthetic affect on the beauty of the stone, cracks and scratches can cause the stone to be weaker and more prone to breaking which, again, will bring down the price and value of the item of jewelry. The third factor that will affect the pricing of gemstone jewelry is the cut of the stone itself. This is most recognised in the pricing of diamonds as they have vey specific cuts which create different styles and designs. The way that a stone is dealt with as it is processed from its raw natural state through to the finished product has a much marked affect on the value of the end product. The different cuts are designed to show of and amplify certain aspects and characteristics of the stones so that they are shown in the best way possible. Cut styles vary depending on whether the stone is being used for earrings, necklaces or pendants, each type of jewelry requires different shapes and sizes to be used in order for the piece to be designed to fit the style of the jewelry. The final factor which needs to be assessed when pricing gemstone jewelry is the weight of the stones used. Gemstones are measured in 'carats' which is a unit of weight equal to 0.200 grams. The higher the carat of a stone the higher the value will be which will increase the cost of the jewelry. As well as all these factors being important when pricing gemstone jewelry, there are of course some more aspects that will affect the final price of which an item of jewelry will be sold. The demand of the specific designer and the metal which is used in the findings will affect the price as well as the design specifications and rarity factors.All of these points will culminate once an item of jewelry has been completed and combine to determine the price of that specific piece of gemstone jewelry.

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Gemstones as an Alternative to Diamonds

Original Gemstone Jewelry As A Diamond Alternative

Author: Pierre Perissel

Stop someone in the hallway and ask them, "What is the first thing that comes to mind when I say the word jewelry," and they will probably reply with, "diamonds." Diamonds have become so synonymous with fine jewelry that people often do not even think of one of the most marvelous alternatives, original gemstone jewelry.

Diamond jewelry is wonderful. However, I think you will agree that despite its allure and popularity, diamonds are just a tad on the colorless side.

Gemstones, on the other hand, come in the most wonderful and spectacular colors. In addition to the different colors, gemstones also often contain unusual visual phenomena inside the stone, as well as attention-grabbing features such as a fossil rarified in the gemstone.

You probably wouldn't treasure an item of jewelry as much when you know that thousands of other women are wearing the same or very similar items. No, for something to be truly treasured, it has to be unique. This is exactly what an original gemstone gives you, a truly unique jewelry item.

Such a unique jewelry item can bring joy way beyond your own lifetime. Think about it. How often do you see children and grandchildren wearing diamond jewelry that they inherited? Or, is it far more likely that they are wearing colorful gemstone jewelry that was passed down to them by their parents or grandparents?

So, even though you might pay a little more for unique gemstone jewelry, you are buying something that will not only give you tremendous joy, but will also give your children and your grandchildren joy. Fifty years from now, picture your granddaughter proudly explaining at a grand evening ball that the unique emerald gemstone necklace she is wearing was her grandmother's. Yes, the exact same one that you are wondering if you should buy now.

Kick your imagination into high gear for a minute or two and imagine how spectacular you will look with an original piece of ruby gemstone jewelry to go with that provocative red suit of yours. Or imagine yourself glowing with beauty in your classy blue gown with that unique star sapphire perfectly rounding off your tasteful elegance.

It is time to express your distinctiveness as a person, and there is no better way than to invest in a few choice pieces of unique gemstone jewelry.

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About the AuthorPierre Perissel recommends unique gemstone jewelry to express your distinctiveness and beauty as a woman. Pierre has an informative fashion column on

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Glass Mum Sterling Silver Pendant by superioragates on Etsy

Aagte Jewlery is one of my specialties, with Lake Superior Agates being one of my favorites, but I also us gemstones such as Laguna Agates, green Aventurine, Minnesota Jaspers, and many others...such as leopard Skin Jasper and glass as well!
Here is my latest design using a glass stone with a Mum inside the glass!

Glass Mum Sterling Silver Pendant by superioragates on Etsy