Thursday, August 30, 2012

Copper Wire Jewelry Style

     It has been a long time used material in jewelry making, and the style, and warmth of copper continues to be a favorite among a large group of people. It's properties create a genuine feeling of warmth when worn, as well as being a favorite when it comes to the Fall season each year. Copper is said to remove toxins from the body, which is why a person's skin may turn green occasionally. It's easily cleaned, with no harsh chemicals need  to do so, simple dish soap and water, or even Ketchup, with clean copper. 
I have had a back stash of copper wire sitting here, and hadn't had a use for it really, but I decided to make some things and use it up. It turns out, I had a lot more here than I thought I did, but, I am enjoying working with it, as well as some beautiful red brass. 

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