Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Jewelry for Love....Jewelry with Meaning

I think I have said many times now, that I am amazed at the way a stone can effect some one's life, how it can actually touch the souls of individuals, and make them feel a connection to someone or something, or a time in their lives.......just simply amazes me.

Recently I have been contacted by a sweet woman, who has a long lost friend. A friend who, she felt very close to in the younger years of her life, and to some degree, she still does. They are not in touch as much as she wishes they were, but the love is obviously still there. The connection is so much there, in so many ways. Her friend will be receiving a piece that she has given me the honor to create for her. Every single ring, every single minute, I am trying so very hard to have a picture in my head of her friend......and with any luck, the piece will speak to her, and connect the two of them, in such a way that only the 2 of them can understand...only the 2 of them can feel.

The chosen metal is sterling silver, the chosen stone is Moonstone, The piece....elegance, simplicity, strength, and love. Sterling silver will be a gorgeous setting for her skin tone....and the Moonstone, well it speaks volumes all by itself, but the CONNECTION ......the connection is real to this stone. You see when they were much younger, the 2 of them enjoyed Wilkie Collins' The Moonstone . many....Elegance, simplicity...because she is described as being just that, strength and love....because she represents those qualities.........connections........

Again...I am humbled by the opportunity to create such a meaningful piece, to put love, and strength in to each and every try and create the connection.....I am so honored...I cannot even begin to express how it makes me feel.

We can make things for people, give them to them, and show them how much we often tho, do you get to create the "connection" between 2 often does an opportunity like that come along?

It's not every day this kind of gift comes along for me.....I give things to people I love, freely, and openly.....because LOVE is the connection......that feeling you just cannot let go of.....whether you believe in fate, or luck, or nothing at all...LOVE is what connects us all. When someone gives you something, there is a reason behind it.........most of the time it's because they feel that CONNECTION.....and the love.......

So the next time you receive a hand made gift, think about why...think about that connection that person must have felt to you when they made it ...or had it made for you......think about the love.....because, I am telling you, there is nothing better than knowing someone loves you, whole heartedly, completely, matter what.......think about your connections......spiritually bound together, no matter the time since you last saw each other, or talked on the phone. No matter how busy our lives get. No matter....that connection, that love, always there.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Stones With Meaning, Stones for Love

     There are a lot of things a person can learn over the course of their life, some are powerful, and some are just the little lessons life teaches us about how to get through the days to come. Over the past year or so, I have learned more about jewelry and gemstones than I ever thought I could, or would. Who knew something as simple as a small stone could mean so very much in a persons life?

     I have done a few custom cutting, and cabbing endeavors for some folks over the past 6 months. The first was a stone that had moved from place to place with thte same person, for some 40 + years......cut, cabbed, and turned in to some beautiful pendants, and jewelry for her. A gorgeous blue banded Oregon Thunderegg agate, that had travelled from Oregon, to Canada, and every where she a journey that small rock had.....

 The 2nd, same type of story, only this time, the stone was a gorgeous Onyx egg......cut, cabbed, and turned in to gemstone jewelry for the owner, and her grandaughters, and daughters...... this one too, travelled around....ending up in Canada......

Most recently tho, an online friend sent me some slabs she had, asking me to "do something with them"......they left Texas, and came to Minnesota, where I cut and cabbed them, even wire wrapped a couple of them, and sent them back..........she and her sister are now enjoying those wire wrapped pendants. I so enjoyed making the cabs for her, which her sister now has the task of figuring out a way to create something with......too much fun!!

Lastly, but certainly not least....I have met online, and wonderful person who has been searching for 6 months for someone to create her wedding ring stone. She stumbled across my shop, and took a chance, and sent me a message. I of course, immediately said yes, I would be happy to try. You see, what attracted me to this particular idea, was her story of she and her mother going on Lake Superior Agate hunts, along the shores of Lake Superior. And how she doesn't have the time now days to get there to do it anymore, only on a rare occasion. When i think about the "meaning" behind her search for the perfect Lake Superior Agate gemstone for her wedding ring, I get tears in my eyes.......jsut knowing that a stone I turned in to a small gem.....will have such a deep meaning for someone get the idea.

During the past couple of weeks, I have also been contacted by another person  who was looking for a small pendant for her mother. She found the stone in my shop, and just fell in love with it, but wanted to know if I would create a pendant for her mother. You see, her mother too, now lives somewhere we call it...she has been transplanted......her mother still gets up to the lake on vacations, but she still loves the Agates......this stone too has a deep meaningful love attached to it.

     Sometimes, without even realizing it, we can all run across some people who still believe in the simple, meaningful gifts that God and Mother Nature have magically put together for us all to revel in. The gifts that have been created from these stones, have such love, and meaning attached to them, it is beyond the realm of comprehension, or understanding. I have tried my hardest to place myself in their position, so that the stones and pieces created have the forever feeling of love, understanding and compassion attached to them that they were meant to have.

     There are a lot of articles about the meanings of different gemstones, and what their metaphysical properties are supposed to be, but in the's the "real" meanings that count. The love, the memories, all poured in to one stone, 1 creation.