Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Today we are gonna give it up for some awesome jewelry artists out there. These folks do some beautiful work, and they are so talented! You are gonna find tons of different styles in this long list of bead workers, wire workers, silver smiths, gemstone lovers, and many more I am sure you wil find very interesting! Please take the time to look around each of these are sure to have a great time while doing it!






TUESDAZ JEWELZ!/pages/San-Clemente-CA/Its-Tuesdaz-Jewelz/9148382033

OJIBWE CUSTOM BEADWORK!/pages/Ojibwe-Custom-Beadwork/342949764490?ref=nf







TWO MOONS HYE JEWELRY!/pages/Hye-TX/Two-Moons-Hye-Jewelry/245949097601?ref=ts








These folks are great artists.....I will be featuring more this week, so keep your eyes open for it! If you love jewelry, whether wearing it, buying it as gifts, or just browsing and looking.....this is the place to be this week!! Follow these folks on twitter to get their latest updates for their shops and websites, visit their fanpages on Facebook as well to see what new and upcoming items are happening every day!!
Have fun jewelry shopping today!!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Superioragates Gemstone Jewelry (superioragates) |

I have another shop in addition to my Etsy shop!! Come check out the new Earrings, and matching BFF pendants for girls I have listed this week end!! Been super busy trying to get new items in the shops!!

The matching BFF pendants would be an awesome gift for your daughter and her best friend....great gifts for the girls to give to each other. Inexpensive sterling jewelry for girls.....

Now how can ya beat that?

Superioragates Gemstone Jewelry (superioragates)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Lake Superior Agates.....

Man...I love'em! they are all different, big ones, small ones, it doesn't matter....each and every one is different and unique in it's own way. Some have eyes, some have banding, some are solid in color, and they can come in every color under the sun! Amazing! So, because I love them so much, I decided to show off a bunch of them from my Etsy shop.....Enjoy the browsing today...some of these stones wil just blow you away!

Well...that's it for today.....these stones are absolutely unique, exclusive to the agate world, and are the Minnseota state gemstone.
Fun fact: Did you know that Lake Superior Agates are a semi-precious gemstone?
Happy browsing!!

Monday, April 12, 2010


Today is the day!
I love quilts...wish I could make them myself, but...again...I don't get along with my sewing machine. So..because i love them, and because this shop has such pretty wall hanging quilts, I'm gonna show her off a little bit! Juast take a LOOK at these!!
Snow Crystals

Sorcerers Magique

Black and White Gala

And Oh my Gosh! Look at all of these!!

I am just so impressed by all the work that must go in to Quilting of any kind....but man, to create a scenery in a quilt, that takes talent! There has to be just so much work put in to this, and creative thinking...I can't even imagine what it would take!
My hats off to you

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Today is Sunday.....kind of a slow day for me, so I decided I am going to feature some folks that have shops on Etsy to die for! I am not kidding you...these folks really have some talent, and awesome items for you to browse through! Shopping could not get any more fun if it tried. I just keep looking and are the featured shops for today! These shops are craetors of handbags and purses....some I am having to force myself to live without! Wow are these ladies talented!!






If you like purses and handbags....stop by these ladies shops! Some will even do custom made items just for you!! All you have to do is send them a note, they will respond shortly, and you are on your way to a custom made to order handbag!!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Going GREEN!

Today, because i just love the color... I am going to feature a few things green! I have several Designer Handmade Sterling Silver gemstone pendants in my Etsy shop in which the stones are I'm gonna try to list them all right here! Have fun browsing through the wonderful color of green today!
Here is a list of direct links to see JUST my green pendants....Have fun shopping!!

 A Few from my Collection of Economical Pendants and Earrings in Green

Hope you have enjoyed the browsing! Make sure you look me up on Facebook, and become a fan to get all the latest updates to my shop as they happen!

Friday, April 9, 2010


Ya know I have seen a lot of things in this world....people do horrible things every day to other people, and I am sorry if this offends...but he got what he deserved! It is amazing to me that 1 single person could even think of doing something like this to other people, taking every penny they have, costing them their homes, their lives, and everything they have worked for! I don't have a pot to pour it out of, and have worked all my life for every little thing I have....if I had any money to invest, and wanted to further my investments, finding someone out there who is honest enough to make sure I got what was mine, and didn't keep it for themselves, would be so very hard. What has happened to this world? Are we so greedy that we cannot just keep what's OURS, and leave what belongs to others alone? Can people not make sure they deliver what they promise? Is our word given worth nothing anymore? I think he should rot somewhere...the only thing I DON'T like about it is that our tax dollars in Minnesota will pay for him to get all the medical care, 3 meals a day, a bed to sleep in, and what does he get.....RIGHTS!! The right to file a lawsuit if someone in jail offends him, the right to medical care, the right to an education provided by our tax dollars....rights...rights....rights.....The only thing he loses is his freedom.....hmmmph.....whatever! What about aall these people who have lost everything in this world to this man's endeavors? what happens to them? How do they start over? What a joke!


I have been creating this jewelry for a few months now, and have sold so much of it already! I love Lake Superior Agates, they are just so gorgeous! AND 1 of the oldest known natural gemstones in the world. Last night really late, I flipped the t.v. on, and the Minnesota DNR was having a small little feature on these stones...I couldn't believe the one they showed off...largest known Laker is 49 whopping pounds!! WOW!! what a ROCK!! The Agates I have found are no where near that size, but they are just as pretty, and make just gorgeous pendants! If you are looking for a mothers day gift, or a BFF gift, just take a quick browse through my shop...there is bound to be something there you cannot resist! And I try really hard to keep my prices affordable enough they fit the budget. There are jewelry artisans all over the web, people who make jewelry from commercial supplies, and the stuff is absolutely gorgeous! I don't do any beading, so I cannot even imagine what it takes to come up with the stuff they make...very creative! I however, harvest my own stones from the feild, and turn them in to designer cabochons, and then further turn them in to handcrafted jewelry.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


This weekend I went to this little 2nd hand store that sells new and used items, as a not for profit shop. She has had these tubs of fabric sitting there for a couple of months, and every time I am in there I always think, "man that's nice stuff! Someone should use that!!", BUT I don't I kept leaving it there, and would think about it a lot after leaving........I decided this weekend that I was gonna buy it all up...or the best parts of it anyways, out of 3 huge tubs she had, I bought 2 full tubs of it, brought it home, and folded it up for packing in to boxes for mailing. I am offering this fabric to anyone out there who loves to sew, but hates the price they have to pay for fabric these days. Even Wal-mart is high on it! I was gonna, at 1 point learn to sew, so that I could make my own curtains for my house....yeah...didn't work out so well, the sewing machine and I had this little argument, get the rest of the story! It's just not happening! ( for me anyways!) LOL
At any rate, what I am charging for these boxes of yardage fabric is exactly what I paid for it, plus 5.00 for tape, & gas, + 15.00 for large postal flat rate shipping priority mail box. 30.00 each box (1 box is a little cheaper, the pieces in there are a lot bigger and that's all that would fit in it), delivered to your door. I'm tellin ya, this is a steal, I have priced I said for curtains for my house, and there is just NO WAY you can buy fabric at this price, even with the shipping in there, for what you are getting! I knew when I was buying it in the rolls that it was decent sized pieces...I had NO idea just how nicely sized these pieces were! As I unfolded it, I thought, man....someone could REALLY make some nice stuff outta this! There is one box of nothing but quilting size pieces in it as well, it is clearly labled that in my shop, so you know I am not just throwing a bunch of small little stuff here and there in a box. What you see in the pictures is EXACTLY  what you will get, I took the pics, and packed it in a box, and labled it immediately!
I may not be making a dime off of this deal, but I don't care, that wasn't the point, the point was to help out you crafters who love to sew....the ones I envy so much for your talents....
I know it is very hard for me to find good prices on stuff for my jewelry making, and keeping costs down is a huge plus in this economy with what we do in the crafting world, and helping people out is what I like to do! Take advantage of this deal....when they are gone that's it, they are gone! 5 boxes have alaredy been sold within the first hour I listed I don't think they will last very long...or at least I hope they wont! (It's now sitting here in my living room! LOL)

Sidenote: I still have that huge lot of cookie cutters, and candy moolds listed on my facebook fanpage. These could be used for a ton of different things, and the price is right one them!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Cookie cutters & Sugar/Candy Molds

Today I have also added my huge lot of cookie cutters...211 in all to my facebook storefront page, as well as a huge lot of 56 chocolate and sugar candy molds. These are priced to sell, and in excellent condition! I used to operate a home based bakery, and am no longer using the equipment, so it needs to go! I have had it stored in boxes, for what feels like forever, and am finally ready to do something with it. Go check it out!!

How to make my swirls Tutorial now available

I have created a tutorial on how to make the swirls at the tops of my wire wraps with square wire! this tutorial is now available on my facebook fanpage, under the 'shop now" tab, cost is only 4.00. Will be emailed as soon as purchased, in wps. format, and is a 17.4 mb file, with 13 photos, and detailed instructions on how I do this. This is meant to be a guide only, and is not a share for free to your friends purchase. I would appreciate all folks downloading this file only share the link they purchased it from, so others may puchase it as well. I am basing this tutorial on the honor system, so I trust you will do the right thing. The design is my own, and can be used in so many different ways, and can be applied in many different types of wire wrapping.
If you are interested in this tutorial for download, please visit and purchase here:

As always Thank you for stopping by my blog, being a fan on my fan page, visiting my shop, and spreading the word!!


Friday, April 2, 2010

Minneapolis Fire Trajedy

For those who haven't heard about The huge fire in the twin cities today, it is a horrible trajedy which killed 6 people. If you do, please take the time to pray for these families who have lost loved ones in this terrible incident. I cannot even begin to imagine what these families are experiencing, and I pray for their strength, faith, and healing.

A small but heartfelt thanks is given to the firefighters who fought the fire, and tried to saves these 6 lives. This is a dangerous job, and doesn't get near the appreciation it deserves! If you see one, or know a fire fighter....say a quick "thank you" for what they do............


Today marks a new adventure for me, as I begin to wire wrap faceted gemstones, and birthstones. Please keep watch for new additions to the Sterling Silver pendant section. So far I have added 3 Cubic Zirconia stones...smokey topaz, amethyst, and emerald, all wrapped in sterling silver wire, and priced to sell at only $15.00 each!!


Since I am now wrapping with .925 sterling silver wire, I have placed my ECONOMICAL PENDANTS section (only this section) on sale for 25% off....until they are gone!! Just mention it in the notes to seller at check-out.
If you'd like to get great prices on jewelry supplies, just click on the wire sculpture banner above, this is where I buy everything I use. They have great customer service, and great pricing on their products...AND...they take paypal!!

I have also recently uploaded a short video clip to youtube.....look me up!