Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Well, that's it...I've decided, after toiling over it for many, mnay days, I have decided to offer ad space for Etsy & Artfire sellers right here on my blog. You see, I wanted to come up with a way that folks can advertise, and if nothing else get some added extra backlinks out of the deal, and still be able to afford it. So for 24.00 a year, a person can place a clickable ad, right here on my blog. That's only 2.00 a month!! So for anyone interested, just shoot me an email, or contact me on my facebook page, Superior-Agates. Payments will be processed through paypal, and an invoice will be made for a yearly set fee of $24.00.

A lot of folks have asked me where I get my cabochons from, and let me tell you....she's good, and she's fair priced! Thought I would share that information with you today!


I now am offering rough Lake Superior Agates for tumbling in my shop, so if you like tumbling come check out my new stuff!

Have also recently added a box of small slabs, all Lake Superior material, for the Lapidariast!

And if you have not seen my latest works, you should stop by my shop and take a look around!

I have recently been interviewed by my local Newspaper, and hope that article will be coming out very soon. It was really fun to visit with the reporter, and talk about my craft. The newspaper is sent to thousands in Minnesota, and all over the United States, this should be fun! Will be working on getting a lot more new items in my shop before it comes out!

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