Monday, February 28, 2011

Groove Wrapped Alternative Metal Series

This new series of pendants is being created with our current economy in mind. With the prices of precious metals rising, and the cost of daily living, having a new luxury is getting further and further out of our reach. With that in mind, I am creating a huge series of alternative metal pendants & necklaces, that fit just about any budget, even in today's fast rising cost of everything in our lives.

     These new pendants are also being created in a new style, the groove wrap. This is not a new concept, but it is new to me. I have seen these done in a more simple fashion, most having absolutely no frills, or feminine aspects to them, making them primarily for the more male side of things.
      I wanted to create something completely different, something simple, yet elegant, and something that no one else is doing with this style of pendant. The Mookaite pendant on the left is a prime example of such a wrap. It's seemingly suspended appearance, adds a certain mystery to the design, making people want a closer look. People will wonder how in the world that stone stays put, and doesn't come loose or fall out.....but it wont, not ever. These groove wraps are amazing in their simplicity, and elegance, and give a whole new meaning to the economy jewelry fashion world. These wraps not only give elegance, and beauty to less expensive jewelry, they also add stability, and a way to show off more of the stone, that is only otherwise seen in a prong style wrap. 

The Pendant on the right is an Indonesian Coral gemstone, wrapped in solid bare red brass wire. This is yet another prime example of how a pendant can be seemingly suspended in air. Red brass is the closest you can get to the color of gold, without the expense of buying gold. It is an excellent alternative for jewelry making, sturdy, strong, and beautiful. No one will ever suspect it's not really gold. Every one will however, want a closer look at this piece, as it just "hangs" in air around your neck.

Alternative metals are a wonderful way to save money, and still have something beautiful in the process. German silver wire is another metal I use, and is also known as nickel silver. Nickel silver contains about 5% nickel, and is a copper alloy metal. Most people who are allergic to nickel, have symptoms when it pierces the skin, as when you wear earrings. This metal is just a gorgeous replacement for sterling, at about 1/4th the cost, and still provides those who love silver to have their favorite color metal in their jewelry pieces. 

The Burro Creek purple Agate on the left is a prime example of how German silver wire can lend the look of silver you want, without the expense, and still have the elegant appearance you desire in a piece of jewelry. Again, guaranteed to never fall out of it's setting, people will wonder just how in the world that is hanging there, and will want a closer look at it.
     If you are looking for something truly original, something you have never seen before, then please visit my shop on Etsy, you will find so many of these pendants, and more of them being created every single day, it will amaze you. If you love stone jewelry, but hate paying the high prices out there today, and you need an alternative, then please take a look around, you are bound to find something that will please your eye, while giving you the money saving advantages you need, in today's trying times.



  1. Really an inspiring post. Excellently written and thanks for publishing!

  2. Your blog and your work are both very beautiful!

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    Elizabeth @ Tale of a Lash

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