Monday, May 17, 2010

Gemstone Pricing Factors

Gemstone Jewelry Pricing Factors - Gemstone, Design, And Craftsmanship

Author: Gen Wright

When it comes to pricing gemstone jewelry, the main factors that are looked into relate to the stone itself rather than the findings. Gemstones are priced using the very specific guide which is famously called the 'Four Cs'. The four factors, namely, colour, clarity, cut and carat, the most important of these being the color. Even though there are basic colors that we all know of such as sapphires being blue, rubies are red and emeralds are green, there are many gemstones that are very alike in color and it is important to make the correct distinction between them before pricing so that the correct value is being upheld. The general belief is that the brighter and more vibrant the color, the more expensive the stone. Clarity is the second most important factor that will need to be assessed is the clarity of the stone used in the piece of jewelry. The number of flaws and the clearness of the stone will affect the value placed on the jewelry, as the more clear and transparent the stone, the more value is attached to it. As well as just having an aesthetic affect on the beauty of the stone, cracks and scratches can cause the stone to be weaker and more prone to breaking which, again, will bring down the price and value of the item of jewelry. The third factor that will affect the pricing of gemstone jewelry is the cut of the stone itself. This is most recognised in the pricing of diamonds as they have vey specific cuts which create different styles and designs. The way that a stone is dealt with as it is processed from its raw natural state through to the finished product has a much marked affect on the value of the end product. The different cuts are designed to show of and amplify certain aspects and characteristics of the stones so that they are shown in the best way possible. Cut styles vary depending on whether the stone is being used for earrings, necklaces or pendants, each type of jewelry requires different shapes and sizes to be used in order for the piece to be designed to fit the style of the jewelry. The final factor which needs to be assessed when pricing gemstone jewelry is the weight of the stones used. Gemstones are measured in 'carats' which is a unit of weight equal to 0.200 grams. The higher the carat of a stone the higher the value will be which will increase the cost of the jewelry. As well as all these factors being important when pricing gemstone jewelry, there are of course some more aspects that will affect the final price of which an item of jewelry will be sold. The demand of the specific designer and the metal which is used in the findings will affect the price as well as the design specifications and rarity factors.All of these points will culminate once an item of jewelry has been completed and combine to determine the price of that specific piece of gemstone jewelry.

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