Thursday, May 27, 2010

Gemstones...Rivals to the Diamond

Gemstones – Emerging Rivals Of Diamonds

Author: Vibha Raj

While "Diamonds are forever" is a relatively new marketing punch line created by a diamond company, colored gemstones have actually been parts of human civilization since forever. There have been traces of gemstone usage from early human history with mention of gemstones in the holy Bible also. The emperors and royals of ancient ages had special affiliation to colored gemstones. Ancient cultures across the world sanctified colored gemstones and associated different beliefs and mysticism to gemstones. Recently colored gemstones have made a dramatic comeback with colored gemstones like ruby, emerald, sapphire, aquamarine, tanzanite, amethyst and many more dominating the runways, fashion circles, red carpet and of course our jewelry boxes. Here are a few reasons why colored gemstones score over diamonds. Cost The most defining characteristic that makes colored gems score over diamonds is the cost. In the cost of one diamond ring (I carat diamond) one can have around 7-8 gemstone rings with good quality gemstones in at least 6x4 sizes. So one can own a lot of gemstone jewelry in place of counted pieces of diamond jewelry. Bigger jewelry like bracelets makes much more sense in gemstones than in diamonds for the obvious cost benefit. Designs and styles Jewelry in colored gemstones has more fun and character. With the wide variety of colors and hues available, there are a whole lot of designs to choose from. Colored gemstones can be perfect accessories for all occasions from casual wear to sophisticated party wear to every day office wear. Colored gemstones can be combined in different colors to compliment multi-colored dresses. Variety Gemstones have a wide range of colors, styles and costs you could choose from to suit your preference. Even if you are looking for a gemstone of a particular kind, you still have a sea of choices in terms of color and quality available. You could also look for specialty gemstones like the star gems, cats eye species etc. With colored gemstones you can be never run out of options when ever you feel like dressing up differently. Exotic mysticism Gemstones have been associated to the occult since ancient times. In olden days gemstones were used as talismans to ward off evil and attract good luck. There is a different belief associated to each gem like sapphire is associated to purity in love; aquamarine is associated to happy marriage, emerald to verdure, amethyst to disciplined habits and so on. Gemstones are also believed to provide healing power.

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