Friday, December 31, 2010


I LOVE to give stuff away!!! So....I am going to give away a huge lotto pot when I reach 2000 fans on Facebook....HUGE......I want this to be exciting for the person recieving it in the drawing! So, if you want to get in on it, and become a sponsor for the big prize....just give me a shout with what you would like to donate...this will be fun!!!!

(sorry.....but there have to be a few of them to make it fair for all)


1. There will be 1, and only 1 winner, of ALL the prizes listed. Prize list will be updated as I recieve donations, for you to take a look at, and know what you are winning. (I am putting an item in as well)

2. Sponsors are responsible for sending out the items you win, unless they choose to send it to me to send it to you. You will be sent a list of the sponsors names/shop names, and they will be given your contact information, so they can get your mailing address, or give you your prize.

3. Items given by sponsors are not exchangeable, unless the sponsor chooses to do so for you. That will be up to the sponsors.

Find the PHOTO Album on my fanpage,  that has a picture looking just like my blog back ground, and post a comment under that photo......when I reach 2000....we will pull 1 name out of the pot!

The more people we have get in on this the better, and more exciting it will be!!!

5. Get your friends, fans, and family involved! This is a winner take all give away.....and whoever does a mention of the sponsors and my page.....gets in the pot an extra time (using the @pagename method in the status line)

6. Make sure they know the rules.....give them the blog addy, so they can check them out!!!

I will be the first to show what I am giving away......and here it is:
This is the first ever of the circle of life....Norma Mae....pendants I made. It is made with solid copper wire, in a byzantine chain maille weave, and has light Saphire blue Sworovski crystals weaved in. The pendant is 1.5" wide/tall. This is a $20.00 value!!

This is  a Custom Etsy Banner by A Green Dress....wanna see her work?? You're lookin at it right here on my blog, and in my shop! She does really good work, and is so easy to work with! This is a $20.00 value!!

The Hook up has donated this $5.00 gift certificate to their shop as well! There are hats, leg warmers...just about anything you need to keep warm this winter found in this shop!! Go check out her page at

Sock Monkey Emporium is adding to our huge giveaway pot a CUSTOM made sock monkey!!! wow! How cool is that?! You get to pick the color and everything! You can find The Sock Monkey Fanpage here:

The Beadin Artist is giving a $ 45.00 coupon to her shop OR her website!! If you haven't yet, you need to go take a look around in her shop, and on her website, she has some absolutely gorgeous pieces for you to choose from, and $45.00 will go a LONG way!!
You can find her Etsy shop here:
And Her website here:

Archer Lane Design is also adding to our giveaway with this beautiful bracelet! This silver & black bracelet is just a gorgeous and fun item to have in our big drawing! A $15.00 value!!
You can find Archer lane design here:

These beautiful earrings have been added to our give away by Hannahs Hands....Don't ya just love black and silver together? A $15.00 value!!
You can find Hannah's Hands here:

Cute Things on Etsy has offered up a $20.00 gift certificate to their shop! This wreath is just an example of some of the wonderful things to be found over!
You can find Cute Things here:

Karen over at O.Sebastian on Artfire has also been very generous in giving to our ever growin pot! She is offering up a $25.00 gift certificate to her Artfire shop, packed full of just gorgeous chain maille jewelry!! wow!!!
You can find O.Sebastian here:


  Amber over at The Wild Tangent has generously offered to donate these beautiful Cross earrings to our fabulous give away! I just love crosses, and these are perfect!!
You can find Amber Here:

This gorgeous blue crystal bracelet has been generously donated by Kimberly over at My Celeste Creations! The crystal blues are just so pretty in this one....some one is gonna be a lucky gal!
You can find Kimberly here:

This is a beautiful pair of Brass earring from Tracey over at Wares Tracey! She has generously donated this pair to our massive giveaway, and if you haven't should go over and take a look around!
You can find Tracey here:


Bette, over at Gems Crystals and Wire, has offered up a beautiful Ammonite pendant, wrapped in Argentium sterling silver wire.....isn't that beautiful? AND, she is also giving, with the pendant, a 25% off coupon to her shop! wow huh?
You can find Bette here:

  Spirals and Spice on Etsy Has generously donated an 18.00 gift certificate to our HUGE give away! This ring is just an example of some of the items you will find in this shop!!
You can find Spirals & Spice here:

Jen over at On a Whim Jewelry has also joined in on the fun! She is generously offering a $ 25.00 gift certificate to her shop!!! She has a lot of different items in her shop for you to brouse through, too!
You can find Jen here:

Mandy over at Faith Jewels has offered to give a $20.00 gift certificate to her Artfire shop! Wait till you see how far that will go!! She is even offering to waive the shipping!
You can find Mandy here:

Penny over at Saniki Creations has also been sweet enough to donate one of her 2 in 2 chain maille rings, AND a $25.00 gift certificate to her website!
You can find Penny here:

Monique over at Rose Ange has generously offered up a $25.00  gift certificate to her shop! This Kilt pin is just one of the many things offered over there!
You can find Monique here:

Lejla over at Ash jewels on Etsy has offered up this pair of beautiful copper earrings! Tese are a 12.00 value!!!
You can find Lejla here:

Sarah over at Bound in Chain is giving our winner a $20.00 gift certificate to her shop....or $20.00 in custom work! This bracelet is just 1 of the many items to be found!
You can find Sarah here:

So there ya have it! Easy Peezy......and you could win a HUGE pot if your name is drawn out!!! Let's have some FUN with this one!!!!
In case you dont have it.......Here is my facebook page link!


  1. I will donate a $5 Gift Certificate to my shop. :)!/pages/The-Hook-Up-Custom-Crochet-Knitting-More-by-MC/153725758002815

  2. This sounds fantastic! I will donate a $20.00 Gift Certificate to my shoppe:

    Thank you, Laurie @ cutethings6

  3. Wow!!! Thank you both! You have been added!!!

  4. What a great idea Marie! I'm in all the way! I'll donate a $25 gift certificate to my ArtFire shop:

    I'll also offer up a pair of Sebastian's original design earrings - I'll get you a pic of that ASAP.

  5. Oh WOW Karen!!!! That is just awesome!!! Thank you!!!!!!

  6. This is a fabulous idea and giveaway! So wonderfull of all to join in........Thanks!!

  7. Ok! Please count me in! I will throw in a $20 gift cert to my website
    and I will offer free shipping on the purchase.

    This is a very cool give-a-way.

  8. I want to donate a pair of earrings that I've made. Tell me where to send the picture/information and I will send it tomorrow. Pics are on my fb page, I don't have ETSY or anything like that yet. Also, HOW do I link in my posts to you and the other contributors? I am having trouble figuring that out. Thanks! Sue Pettit