Thursday, December 2, 2010

Jewelry Designer

It occurs to me quite often, that what I think is "pretty" or "stylish", may not be what people are really looking for in handmade jewelry. I try really hard to come up with new, diverse designs, so that I have a large selection of different items available in my shop at any given time. Sometimes tho, I wonder, am I being diverse enough? Am I stepping far enough outside the box? Would the public prefer commercially made jewelry, or is handmade the priority?
Another thing I have been thinking about is, how long will this Large jewelry, or chunky jewelry, fad last? What is the attraction for most people to large pices of jewelry? I just wonder how long it will be around for?
What are YOU looking for? Do you lean more toward the commercial jewelry side of things? Or is handmade your preferance?

While I ponder these things, and maybe you can help me with the is one of my latest works. This is a Turquoise jasper gem, wire wrapped in solid copper wire

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