Thursday, August 18, 2011

Cabochon Direct Buys

     Are you a jewellery maker, who is struggling to purchase supplies, so you can keep making your beautiful creations? The cost of buying supplies continues to rise in almost every corner, and aspect of today's trying times. The cost of silver and gold is outrageous, and looking for alternatives is a big chore to accomplish, but, there are some saving graces out there for you.
     When I first started making jewelry, I just simply could not afford to buy the expensive cabochons, handmade, beautiful, and I wanted them, I just couldn't do it. So...I bought the el-cheapo stuff, you know, the ones where you get 10 in a package for like 10.00 or something, and, while the stones were pretty, they lacked that....flare, that shine, and the knowledge that they were machine made, not hand made really did not appeal to me either. And, while I now look at them as good "practice" stones, for the brand new wire wrapper, I would not buy them again.
     Recently I have been told that, no other rock cutter will do what I do, and offer it at a price a jewelry maker can afford. Well, while I am not sure that is completely true...there HAS to be someone else out there that does......I am happy to do this. See, I remember what it felt like to see a stone that I just loved, only to see a 20.00 price just could not swing it. There was just no way, even tho I loved the stone...that feeling of disappointment stuck with me. Last year, I started making my own cabs, and while they were not, in the beginning, very good, and it took me a long time to learn many different things about making them, I made it my goal to learn everything I could. The I could have a beautiful stone, with a beautiful shine to work with. Later, as I got better at it, I slowly started selling them, a little here, a little there, until today....where I am selling every cab I make almost! I decided, when they first started selling to offer them at a price that just about anyone can afford, 5.00 each. Yes....just strings, no sign ups, I don't email you, or spam just claim it, and it's yours.
      The stones I cut are just like everyone else' beauties, and they are worth the same amount of money everyone else is charging for them, I just happen to remember that "feeling". I don't do it so I can get rich, I don't do it so I can show off, or brag about what I do....I do it for you, the struggling jewelry maker. I love to cut the rocks, it's one of my most favorite things to do, and...quite frankly, I would be cutting them no matter what, because I do love it that much, so why would I not share them? I don't begrudge anyone what they charge for a cabochon, I believe they are worth every penny, the work, and tools, and supplies's daunting at times.....For instance...right now I need a diamond disc replacement....I am just....I dunno....just cant hit that "pay now" button to buy it, lol.....I will, because I have to, real soon!!  And, I wont regret it one bit when it arrives, it's just hitting that "pay now" button I struggle with. Lot's of costs involved, as there is with anything else! lol

So, if you are looking for Cabochons you can afford to buy, I have no minimum purchase, and no maximum either, you can buy as few, or as many as you like. And, many many pieces of jewelry have been sold using my cabs, so there is a good chance that yours will too. Come and check them out, I just may have what you are looking for! I upload new stones almost every day to Facebook, for you to choose from, and there is never a shortage of more for me to do. It is a race game tho you have to be quick in your choices or someone else just may grab the one you were "thinking" about.

Here are just a few of the stones I have cut the last few days....all of these are sold, but, there will be more today!!


  1. Marie is just so amazing, the cut of the cabochons are just beautiful and the colours amazing.

    The price is perfect for us jewellery makers who onsell out products.

    You just must check out her beautiful work.
    Thank you so much Marie for offering this to us

  2. What are you charging for shipping to Canada? Your stones are gorgeous :)