Sunday, August 7, 2011

Choosing Gem Stone Jewelry

Have you ever thought that you knew exactly what you were looking for, when shopping for jewelry? Maybe you are looking for a special piece, for a special night, or maybe for a spoecial person in your life as a gift....but as you start to look around, you see there are so many more choices than what you originally thought there would be?
That's because the jewlery, specifically the handmade and handcrafted, jewelry market has exploded in to this massive, intrigueing, and inspired market. People all over the world are either making their own jewelry, or making gifts for their families, it's an awe inspiring, unbelieveable shopping mall of variety out there. So, when you start shopping for that special piece, that one thing that you know will be perfect for the occasion, where are you supposed to begin?

Well....I have been thinking about this a bit, and I would have to say, the first thing you should know, is your color. What color do you need for this occasion or gift? When was this person born? maybe a birthstone is in order. When is the occasion, is it a wedding, or birthday, or maybe an anniversary? Do some investigating, maybe the person you are gifting has a favorite stone. All of these things come in to play, and should be something you look for. Start by  searching Google, for the color...just type in something like red gem stones...look at the images, until you find something you like....this is a beginning.

Next you should know your metals, and if the gift will go to someone who has allergies to metals. Are they allergic to nickel? If they are, you should stay away from anything that is made with German Silver. What about copper, or brass? These are wonderful alternative metals, especially in todays economic trying times, when we are all watching our budgets pretty close. Or possibly, you are looking for something in the precious metals market, sterling silver, or maybe gold. Whatever metal you choose, make sure it is something that looks good with the color of stone you are looking for, and that the person you are gifting it to will not be allergic to it against their skin.

Now that you have decided on your stone color, and the metal you think will look good with it, it's time to actually locate the piece you like. There are so many different styles to choose from, so you should have some idea of the available styles, everything from Hippie, to art deco, or even some rennessaince styles...there is just no limit to what is available. The handmade industry is usually the way to go, staying away from the commercially reproduced market is the best way, when giving a gift you want to have meaning. Try adding the word "handmade" or "handcrafted" in your search, and see all of the wonderful images that come up for you.

In the end, the most important thing to remember is to be patient, and do the research, and the searching. Whatever you choose, choose with love, and it will be sure to please.


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