Friday, April 9, 2010


Ya know I have seen a lot of things in this world....people do horrible things every day to other people, and I am sorry if this offends...but he got what he deserved! It is amazing to me that 1 single person could even think of doing something like this to other people, taking every penny they have, costing them their homes, their lives, and everything they have worked for! I don't have a pot to pour it out of, and have worked all my life for every little thing I have....if I had any money to invest, and wanted to further my investments, finding someone out there who is honest enough to make sure I got what was mine, and didn't keep it for themselves, would be so very hard. What has happened to this world? Are we so greedy that we cannot just keep what's OURS, and leave what belongs to others alone? Can people not make sure they deliver what they promise? Is our word given worth nothing anymore? I think he should rot somewhere...the only thing I DON'T like about it is that our tax dollars in Minnesota will pay for him to get all the medical care, 3 meals a day, a bed to sleep in, and what does he get.....RIGHTS!! The right to file a lawsuit if someone in jail offends him, the right to medical care, the right to an education provided by our tax dollars....rights...rights....rights.....The only thing he loses is his freedom.....hmmmph.....whatever! What about aall these people who have lost everything in this world to this man's endeavors? what happens to them? How do they start over? What a joke!


I have been creating this jewelry for a few months now, and have sold so much of it already! I love Lake Superior Agates, they are just so gorgeous! AND 1 of the oldest known natural gemstones in the world. Last night really late, I flipped the t.v. on, and the Minnesota DNR was having a small little feature on these stones...I couldn't believe the one they showed off...largest known Laker is 49 whopping pounds!! WOW!! what a ROCK!! The Agates I have found are no where near that size, but they are just as pretty, and make just gorgeous pendants! If you are looking for a mothers day gift, or a BFF gift, just take a quick browse through my shop...there is bound to be something there you cannot resist! And I try really hard to keep my prices affordable enough they fit the budget. There are jewelry artisans all over the web, people who make jewelry from commercial supplies, and the stuff is absolutely gorgeous! I don't do any beading, so I cannot even imagine what it takes to come up with the stuff they make...very creative! I however, harvest my own stones from the feild, and turn them in to designer cabochons, and then further turn them in to handcrafted jewelry.

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  1. And you DO make beautiful jewelry! I gave my good friend one of your pieces & she was absolutely THRILLED :)