Friday, April 2, 2010

Minneapolis Fire Trajedy

For those who haven't heard about The huge fire in the twin cities today, it is a horrible trajedy which killed 6 people. If you do, please take the time to pray for these families who have lost loved ones in this terrible incident. I cannot even begin to imagine what these families are experiencing, and I pray for their strength, faith, and healing.

A small but heartfelt thanks is given to the firefighters who fought the fire, and tried to saves these 6 lives. This is a dangerous job, and doesn't get near the appreciation it deserves! If you see one, or know a fire fighter....say a quick "thank you" for what they do............


Today marks a new adventure for me, as I begin to wire wrap faceted gemstones, and birthstones. Please keep watch for new additions to the Sterling Silver pendant section. So far I have added 3 Cubic Zirconia stones...smokey topaz, amethyst, and emerald, all wrapped in sterling silver wire, and priced to sell at only $15.00 each!!


Since I am now wrapping with .925 sterling silver wire, I have placed my ECONOMICAL PENDANTS section (only this section) on sale for 25% off....until they are gone!! Just mention it in the notes to seller at check-out.
If you'd like to get great prices on jewelry supplies, just click on the wire sculpture banner above, this is where I buy everything I use. They have great customer service, and great pricing on their products...AND...they take paypal!!

I have also recently uploaded a short video clip to youtube.....look me up!

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