Wednesday, April 7, 2010


This weekend I went to this little 2nd hand store that sells new and used items, as a not for profit shop. She has had these tubs of fabric sitting there for a couple of months, and every time I am in there I always think, "man that's nice stuff! Someone should use that!!", BUT I don't I kept leaving it there, and would think about it a lot after leaving........I decided this weekend that I was gonna buy it all up...or the best parts of it anyways, out of 3 huge tubs she had, I bought 2 full tubs of it, brought it home, and folded it up for packing in to boxes for mailing. I am offering this fabric to anyone out there who loves to sew, but hates the price they have to pay for fabric these days. Even Wal-mart is high on it! I was gonna, at 1 point learn to sew, so that I could make my own curtains for my house....yeah...didn't work out so well, the sewing machine and I had this little argument, get the rest of the story! It's just not happening! ( for me anyways!) LOL
At any rate, what I am charging for these boxes of yardage fabric is exactly what I paid for it, plus 5.00 for tape, & gas, + 15.00 for large postal flat rate shipping priority mail box. 30.00 each box (1 box is a little cheaper, the pieces in there are a lot bigger and that's all that would fit in it), delivered to your door. I'm tellin ya, this is a steal, I have priced I said for curtains for my house, and there is just NO WAY you can buy fabric at this price, even with the shipping in there, for what you are getting! I knew when I was buying it in the rolls that it was decent sized pieces...I had NO idea just how nicely sized these pieces were! As I unfolded it, I thought, man....someone could REALLY make some nice stuff outta this! There is one box of nothing but quilting size pieces in it as well, it is clearly labled that in my shop, so you know I am not just throwing a bunch of small little stuff here and there in a box. What you see in the pictures is EXACTLY  what you will get, I took the pics, and packed it in a box, and labled it immediately!
I may not be making a dime off of this deal, but I don't care, that wasn't the point, the point was to help out you crafters who love to sew....the ones I envy so much for your talents....
I know it is very hard for me to find good prices on stuff for my jewelry making, and keeping costs down is a huge plus in this economy with what we do in the crafting world, and helping people out is what I like to do! Take advantage of this deal....when they are gone that's it, they are gone! 5 boxes have alaredy been sold within the first hour I listed I don't think they will last very long...or at least I hope they wont! (It's now sitting here in my living room! LOL)

Sidenote: I still have that huge lot of cookie cutters, and candy moolds listed on my facebook fanpage. These could be used for a ton of different things, and the price is right one them!!

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